The trademarkTrademark

The difference between goods or services of a logo£¬By the text¡¢Graphics¡¢Letters, etc£¬Or a combination of the above elements

The patentPatent

Invention or its right to the assignee on certain inventions in a certain period of time shall enjoy the right of exclusive implementation in accordance with the law


Referring to literature¡¢Art¡¢The authors of the science work enjoy the rights of their works£¨Including property rights¡¢Personal right£©


In ShengFan every wisdom through12Working procedure£¬3Artificial retrieval review£¬Layers of retrieval¡¢Multiple checks


Senior production experts digging deeper on technical solution£¬Acme communication each other ideas£¬Let technology real perfect show


Every technological innovation deserves careful attention£¬Every pieces of wisdom crystallization needs legal status

ShengFan institute

S H N F A N      A C A D E M Y

ShengFan institute is in line with the wisdom to change the world¡¢Established by the concept of knowledge to create value£¬Mainly engaged in depth research in intellectual property field¡¢Tip the reserves of talent fostering and the cloud data support, etc¡£

Into the institute
S  H  N  F  A  N T  E  A  M

ShengFan team

We are mortal¡£We love to work£¬Like to communicate with the customer£¬This is a process of solve the problem and provide solution for the customer£¬Whenever get a customer certainly£¬Have a sense of accomplishment¡£Each of our employees are required to have good professional knowledge and good services£¬In this way can the solution of the client£¬All say the customer is god£¬In our opinion£¬Customers are friends¡£

More experts
I enjoy any achievement£¬Completely attributed to with high sense of responsibility of work for the client,Do just doing things right£¬By heart to get things done¡£

ShengFan sunshine intellectual property fund

Have difficulty is dedicated to helping raise awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights£¬Promote technology innovation of property right and set up public welfare organizations¡£

ShengFan information